We tell the story behind successful startups and entrepreneurs.



We tell the story behind successful startups and entrepreneurs.

We listen, take in everything, and get to know you, your business and your goals. Then we craft it all together into a strategy that talks to your audience. Partnering with brands like yours isn’t something we take for granted. It’s an honour to be part of your growth, and we make sure we do everything we can to help you achieve it.

So yes, we do specialise in social media. But once you work with us, you’ll understand that we are so much more. And that’s because we help you to bring your brand to life.

What’s more social than that?


Social media is all we do, so we make sure we are pretty damn good at it.

We partner with you and become an integral part of your marketing team. Every decision we make is about building an authentic and engaged following for your brand.

With a proven track record of delivering strategy, exceeding expectations and optimising social media channels for businesses, we know we are just what your business needs to grow.




We are real and that means dealing with real people. What you see is what you get. I guess we are just lucky that what you see is pretty awesome too.


It’s all about keeping the delivery, language and message simple. Why over complicate things when we don’t have to? Whenever we talk to you, we will be as frank as we can.


We live and breathe social media. This is our niche and we are passionate about it. We aren’t an agency that just happens to offer social media as a service. We are a team that puts all our time and energy into leading the industry.


Let’s arrange a goals session to discuss what you are hoping to achieve, where you’re at now, and how we can help deliver the results you need for growing your business.



Being trusted to interpret and share a brand’s story is one of the most humbling responsibilities I’ve ever had. For clients just like you, I’m proud to say I have delivered some impressive results throughout my career.

I started Frankie’s Lab with a simple idea in mind. I wanted to help businesses grow by offering exceptional outcomes without the BS. While working in the startup scene in the Netherlands, I saw too many businesses have their growth stalled because of outdated or generic marketing advice. I had to do something about it.

“Who is Frankie?’’ is probably one of my most asked questions. I admit the answer is a little dorky, so bear with me while I explain. You might know Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – a story about a scientist (Frankenstein) creating life. 

Well, my first business goal for every client is to bring their social channels to life, making them human. After all, social media is about human to human connection. With that in mind, I decided on Frankies Lab – bringing brands to life. See what I did there?

When you reach out to us, you’ll be dealing with me directly.

Along the way, you may meet more of the team as we arrange photography, copywriting, video and graphic design. All of us work together to craft intelligent, original and engaging responses to your current marketing challenges.

This is also something that separates Frankie’s Lab from the competition. We are a team of experts, not someone attempting to do it all.

The first step in the process is investigating and articulating what sets your brand apart. I’ll work with you in defining what makes your business unique. Once we both understand your story, we’ll leverage this to build the framework that can honestly reflect your brand identity across a range of platforms and touchpoints. What comes next? I’ll explain when we meet.