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frankies lab project

New Platform, New Growth

About the Client and their Problem

Stem is a well-established homewares brand that has been operating for over 20 years. Their customer base is more than 80% female and comprises high-net-worth clients and aspirational brand enthusiasts from various locations. 

Stem is predominantly a bricks-and-mortar business. But when COVID forced the shutdown of physical stores, they saw a need to increase their online presence via their social media channels.  

Several issues affected Stem’s ability to achieve their goal. As a supplier of many high-end premium brands, they had brand guidelines that limited the type of unique content they could create. 

Stem’s main channel, Instagram, had many inactive followers, which was impacting their reach. Moreover, their Facebook platform was centred mainly around the physical store, with followers being older than the average purchaser and statistically less likely to purchase online. 

We were engaged in helping Stem build their online profile to boost their brand awareness to generate sales.


Delivered Strategy

With uncertainty around budget and low organic platform engagement, we proposed exploring a new platform and leveraging this new organic growth to deliver traffic to the company’s primary medium, Instagram.   

Stem has an aspirational nature and clean visual aesthetic, so we recommended reviving their unused Pinterest account. The social media network has many strong value propositions for businesses:  

  • 71% of global users are women.
  • 85% of women on Pinterest use it to plan life moments.
  • 58% say it helps them make shopping and purchasing decisions.
  • 89% of pinners use Pinterest for inspiration in their path to purchase.
  • 47% of pinners use it specifically to shop, which means it is four times more effective at generating sales than other channels. 

Quick facts

  • Stem’s existing Pinterest account had zero impressions and zero link clicks.
  • They have a large female audience.
  • Organic growth on other platforms had plateaued.
  • EDM Marketing insights suggested their engaged customers are more than eight times likely to be female.

Our goal was to convert this new Pinterest audience to the webpage sales funnel or direct Instagram followers. To do this, we began exploring downloadable branded mementos and phone wallpapers, graphic designed imagery and composite content magazine-style “how to” graphics, along with short-form videos.

We used an agile and entrepreneurial strategy throughout our marketing strategies. We aimed to fail fast and fail often to quickly get to the strategy that would yield results.


The audience was highly responsive to video content, and we were able to increase views from zero at the start of the campaign to 4,800 per piece of content and increase the monthly impressions for the account to over 100,000. This was all achieved organically, without paid promotions. Stem’s decision to engage our expertise paid off. 

Our customers are design conscious individuals and so it was really important to be able to communicate with them in the right style. Our business is built around elevated simplicity, design principles and high quality customer service. We needed this to continue across our social channels. No easy task, but one that Ben was able to deliver with exceptional results.   

– Kate, Stem


How we delivered this

  •  Focus Content Planning Package
  • Content Creation Package
  • Branded Photoshoot Package
  • Additional Channel Add on