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Rebuilding a brand from the ground up

About the Client and their Problem

WiseCo Services is a Sydney-based professional cleaning service started by three friends. Although they had a combined decade of experience, they lacked the skills in building their digital branding. As a result, the team did not invest significant resources or time into developing their online presence. Any work that they did do lacked any brand consistency or overarching strategy. 

Initially, this wasn’t a problem as they were working with their existing network of customers. But as they grew and sought to attract larger clients, they were consistently overlooked and not given serious consideration.


Delivered Strategy

When we started working with WiseCo Services, we were essentially at square one. We began by defining their ideal customer and brand pillars, and from there, we created a digital strategy to generate growth. 

As part of this, we had to rebuild their brand presence from the ground up. This meant removing all existing content up to this point and replacing them with updated branded assets. 

Working with the creative team, we arranged a full-day photoshoot that would showcase the team in action. We created a series of videos around their service offering and captured photos of the staff and other brand-related imagery to use in print and online media. 


We reused the assets captured for socials to create profiles of WiseCo Services’ founders on their website and include them in tender documents. In addition, we now had a better understanding of our ideal customers, so we were able to optimise the profiles for SEO and create a unique business voice. 

The revamp of WiseCo Services’ social media channels resulted in many direct bookings and quote requests via those platforms. The company received compliments from existing clients and prospective businesses they had previously pursued about the brand’s new professional look and feel. 

Introducing video to the content mix also activated their audience and led to their organic reach increasing significantly. 

“Ben and his team have taken us on a growth journey, holding our hand throughout the process, earning our trust as he helped to build our social channels. We went from a haphazard approach to our social media – where we would post online on those rare moments that we had a spare minute free – to now having a social strategy that our customers actually tell us they love! Not just that, we have also experienced some great organic growth, and our online impressions, profile views and website clicks continue to increase.” 

– WiseCo


How we delivered this

  • Startup Content Planning Package
  • Branded Photo Shoot Package
  • Video Creation Add on