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frankies lab project

Redesigning the Product Launch

About the Client and their Problem

Bobby G Baby Wear is an Australian children’s fashion label launched in 2015 by English founder Georgie Gantley. It operated out of Georgie’s home until 2020 when she opened a shopfront in Bronte. Bobby G is an industry leader boasting 50,000 followers on Instagram who are highly engaged and loyal to the brand.

Although Bobby G was a highly successful business, Georgie reached out to Frankie’s Lab because the strategy that had provided its initial success was no longer working. The brand’s audience remained engaged, but year-on-year sale numbers were dropping during each campaign launch.

A key challenge for Bobby G was an audience that was short on time, visually motivated and constantly evolving in and out of the brands market.


Delivered Strategy

Using our backend analytics, we uncovered an opportunity to increase Bobby G’s reach by adjusting posting times to when their audience was most active. This was an easy win. To support the strategy and drive additional views to the business’ content, we created a series of interactive stories to skew the algorithm in our favour. 

Once we achieved our target of generating more views, we focused on launching a new campaign. We placed a strong focus on the pre-launch component to build and maximise interest in the lead up to the campaign launch. Previous launches had simply gone live with little to no promotion, and this tactic no longer worked.  


Content promoted in the lead up to the first launch generated consistent increases in saves and interactions. When the products went live, the momentum we had built up led to stronger than anticipated sales results, equalling the success of previous years.


How we delivered this

  • Focus Content Planning Package
  • Branded Photo Shoot Package
  • Video Creation Add on
  • Influencer Campaign Add on
  • Competition Strategy Add on